What is Moo! Wrapper?

Moo! Wrapper brings together BOINC volunteer computing network resources and the Distributed.net projects. It allows a BOINC Client to participate in the RC5-72 challenge.

If you want to learn more about Distributed.net Project and Client, please visit their website. Especially, detailed information about the RC5-72 challenge is available.

Note that we have intentionally left Distributed.net OGR-project out of scope since you can already join that project at Yoyo@Home.

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A member of the UK Boinc Team supporting Moo! Wrapper. Apart from computing my interests are reading (mostly old style Sc-Fi), music, countryside...


BOINC Server updated
BOINC Server used by the project has been updated to the latest available from upstream that includes various fixes, improvements and changes. Most visible change is the partial migration to Bootstrap web framework and refreshed theme. This should make our web site behave much better on mobile browsers but there are some pages that still could be improved.

As this is a big change, please report on our forums any problems or strange behaviour in both servers and website. Thank you and happy crunching!
7 Oct 2017, 8:42:12 UTC · Discuss

Disk failure on the main project server
Main project server failed about 36h ago due to I/O errors because of bad sectors on it's hard disk. I've migrated the data to the secondary disk and the project services are now recovering. There might be few tasks affected (will be shown as download errors) as some generated data files were not recoverable.
3 May 2017, 13:41:41 UTC · Discuss

Status update
Year 2017 is upon us and it has been insanely long time since my last activity on these message boards. So I wanted to let everyone know that I am still around, just hiding in the shadows due to various reasons. My main priority regarding Moo! Wrapper project has been to keep it up and running at the current level. I am very aware that there are various issues and improvements pending that should be addressed and I'm sorry about lack of progress on them. Hopefully I will manage to get these done eventually.
5 Jan 2017, 11:43:43 UTC · Discuss

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