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Server updates
I've just finished updating BOINC Server code to the latest available. This brought us about one year worth of fixes and changes from upstream developers. There's better support for communicating with latest BOINC Client versions interesting new CPU list at in addition to the previously available GPU list at

Additionally, earlier our domain was moved to a new registrar and DNS service provider. We also finally have a non-expired certificate in use. And with the code update the protected pages actually work correctly now. Previously they might have refused to load style sheets and other such resources.

As always, please report any new/existing problems and I'll take a look. Thanks and happy crunching!
16 Aug 2014, 16:39:00 UTC · Comment

Another transitioner problem
We've run out of work to send and transitioner backlog is about 9h at the moment because of what turned out to be a bug in transitioner code. It failed to properly detect and handle anonymous platforms for app_version statistics. I fixed the bug and transitioner is now catching up. As soon as that's done, I'll let the other daemons loose on their backlogs so we'll probably get back to full operations later today. 26 Jan 2014, 11:34:05 UTC · Comment

Transitioner problem solved
It turned out the problem was actually caused by a corrupted index in one of the primary database tables used by BOINC Server. Recreated the table/index and things are looking much better so I've restarted the system. However, transitioner is now going through all the 600k workunits in the DB and only once that is done, the system will start creating new workunits. Until then we are out of work to send. Sorry! I'll keep an eye out to make sure we recover fully. 22 May 2013, 17:05:39 UTC · Comment

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