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Fresh work available! Come get yours!
Keymaster is back online, at least temporarily pending more hardware replacements, so we are now generating fresh work for your hungry computers. Come get some and get your crunch on!

Thanks for your patience and understanding during this extended work outage due to upstream keymaster hardware failure.
22 Jul 2015, 18:48:44 UTC · Comment

Out of work
There's no more work available at the moment due to the keymaster hardware failure. Our local cache was just also depleted, which lasted for about two days. So let's finish what we have and then move on to backup projects (yes, they are always good idea to have) while we wait for the staff to repair keymaster. Rest assured, they are working hard to get the keymaster back up. As soon as that happens, we'll get fresh work out for our hungry systems to crunch.

For more details and latest developments, please read Thanks for your patience!
12 Jul 2015, 11:40:16 UTC · Comment

Disk maintenance and work generation woes
Project was down today between 18:00 and 21:30 EEST (that's from 15:00 UTC/7:00 PST to 18:30 UTC/11:30 PST) for about 3 and half hours while the previously failing disk was swapped with a backup disk and data was copied over. Now the project is running from a disk that's not showing signs of collapsing due to read errors. The backup disk is as old as the failed disk but hasn't had that much use so it should last until the project server is migrated to a new server with SSD disks later this year.

This happened a bit unannounced as I took advantage of the keymaster problems that seems to slow down our work generation for some reason. That's also the why we run out of work before the maintenance and why we still don't have full work buffers. Hopefully that will fix itself once the keymaster is back in action. In any case, our local proxy will eventually run out of work unless the keymaster will be resurrected.

For more information about the keymaster failure, please read Thanks and happy crunching once the dust settles!
10 Jul 2015, 18:44:33 UTC · Comment

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