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Message 8237 - Posted: 25 Jul 2020, 8:13:36 UTC

Deleting your Moo! Wrapper account is now possible. It can be requested from your Account page or by going directly to page. Your account will be deleted automatically after email address* verification that tries to make sure you are you. Note that this process will permanently delete your account and you will lose access to it. There's no way to restore an account so please be sure before requesting deletion.

*I know email verification requirement can cause problems for some users that can't receive emails. This includes emails protected with the Outlook services because MS/Outlook never accepts any email from our project server. Even their support services is not able to help figure out why that is. So if you are affected with this (please also check your Junk email folder) you can either try to complain to your email service provider or, preferably, switch to some email service provider that works. For Example Google Mail should work. Note that changing your email address will mean you have to wait a week before account deletion is possible due to security reasons.
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Shiryee Lin

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Message 8263 - Posted: 7 Oct 2020, 6:17:58 UTC - in response to Message 8237.  

Sorry for that I forget the password of my previous account, and I can't reset the password with registered email provided by MS Outlook service for I can't receive the emails.So I just created this new account to ask for your help and guidance to recover the password. My email address is Thanks!
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Message boards : News : Account deletion enabled

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