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1) Questions and Answers : Preferences : OpenCL won't download automatically for dual AMD GPU rig on Win 10, AMD16.3.1 driver (Message 7039)
Posted 20 Mar 2016 by Profile APSBiker
So we really, really need to have the ability to specify our application preferences. The current Win 10 build with the new 16.3.1 drivers (well, any driver since launch) won't give me the OpenCL application to run. It just keeps throwing out Computation Errors all day (all week!) and keeps giving me only the Stream app.

I'd like to be able to use this rig as a gaming PC but newer games don't like me using the 14.11 drivers which used to somehow barely work with the Stream app before I nuked and started clean about a week ago. The inability to force OpenCL is killing me since I have to babysit the dnet client and can't use Moowrap.

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