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1) Message boards : Number crunching : 2 WU on cuda cards? (Message 2077)
Posted 3 Jan 2012 by Profile @@$tars_Finder@@
... I should be able to double, or maybe tripple up and see huge gains ...

Not happening. GPUs are only designed for the execution of one program at a time, it cannot multitask like a multi-thread CPU. That will change with AMDs new architecture which will give that ability, however, on anything less than 7XXX, it will not.

What happens is .... it will load 2... 3 WUs, whatever you give it (it will choke on four), and then divide time equally between the loaded WUs, net result is no gain, for (say) two WUs it takes twice as long to crunch, with the net result of the same time per WU.

With very small WUs (aka milkyway), you can get a gain of about 2-3% by loading two per GPU as you save time in the load/unload/windup of each WU. It can be hassle as well, so horses for courses as to whether or not its worth it even at MW.

.... but here .... not a chance, dont waste time trying, it will not work the way you anticipate.


I use this system on another project (two WU running on an Nvidia) and I have a good increase (I recently bought an AMD and I would try on Moo). Did You say that AMD work is different then or you were talking in general about all GPU?

Bye and thank you :-)
2) Message boards : Number crunching : 2 WU on cuda cards? (Message 1895)
Posted 24 Dec 2011 by Profile @@$tars_Finder@@

I don't think scheduler expects people to try to use half ATI card and might actually crash. I'll have to take a look so that it won't at least crash..

Why are you trying to use two tasks on one card? I highly doubt it'll be twice as fast since both of them will use the same card (at full speed) and D.Net Client might even get so tangled that it can't finish correctly.


Hi :-).
I'm trying to run two WU on single ATI card because the card passes often from 88% to 98%. With two WU running on a card would always be 100%.
I use this system on other projects and improved performance is about 5% - 10%, so I would be happy if I could use it for Moo :-).
Thank you.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : 2 WU on cuda cards? (Message 1892)
Posted 24 Dec 2011 by Profile @@$tars_Finder@@

There's an example 32-bit Windows ATI cruncher app_info.xml available at It might be usable as is except ATI card <count> field might need adjusting.

Also <flops> field value is based on my own host and you should probably copy actual value for your host from your client state file. (The value gets calculated for each host by BOINC.) You can also try without one if you can live with funky estimates until BOINC sorts itself out. :)


Hi :-). I'd like to have 2 WU on my ATI card. To do that, I've tried this app_info for my ATI and worked fine. After that, I've tried to modified the <coproc> from 1 to 0.5 in this mode:


but does not work :-(. I receive an "HTTP Error" from the server when I do update. Please can you help me?

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