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1) Message boards : Number crunching : This is just weird, help needed! (Message 8101)
Posted 5 Mar 2019 by Pete Broad
O.K, i found that when I was adding the account I unknowingly pressed a key which changed my email address..oops. Not too sure if I can go into this account, remove the letter I added and then correct the email address in order to transfer the credits over to my correct account? Anyway, I might try this later. Also, while adding some more androids to my account I discovered that Android 8.1 causes an instant failure, presumably it's not supported?


2) Message boards : Number crunching : This is just weird, help needed! (Message 8100)
Posted 4 Mar 2019 by Pete Broad
I decided to crunch this project again after a long break. Added 2 new Android devices to my account, one of them, no problem, the other one added fine except it just didn't show up. It picked up work but was not there under my account. I traced one of the work units to a brand new account under my name! I've no idea what happened, I only have one Boinc account and I use the same EMail and password on every project I do. Can someone explain how I can merge the accounts or even if its possible keeping in mind that I cannot access this new account.

Here's the problem

EDIT, I've noticed that the hours accrued from my "new" account are being added to my WUProp account! If there's no solution I'll remove the new account once the Work has completed and try adding it again.


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