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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Progress? (Message 8504)
Posted 1 Aug 2023 by mikey
My HP and Dell pc's are model Z600 and T5500
Probably you even can't use anything else than the original PSUs, the HP mainboard seems to have non-standard 18-pin connector according to the pictures I see on Google and Dell is known to use own wiring on standard ATX connectors, so you'll burn the mainboard and/or the PSU if you use anyhing else then the original PSU.

I'd never buy a desktop computer not build out of standard parts, when anything fails, it's just scrap as replacement parts are usually very expensive for such systems or not available at all once they run out of support. Well, I'd never buy a prebuild destop computer, but that's another thing.[/quote]

I have 6 of these pc's and they each have dual Intel Xeon quad core cpu's that think they are 8 core cpu's, so 16 cpu cores in each pc AND I got them for $250US shipped to my door only needing a harddrive and a gpu to run. They all came with 16gb of ram as well which I have upgraded to the pc max of 32gb except 1 pc that has 2 bad memory slots in it so it only has 24gb of ram in it. They crunch everything I've thrown at it so far except LHC and LHCdev but that's probably something in the software, Linux or Windows, that's not been updated. Some have Windows on them while others are running Linux and they are 96 great Boinc crunching cores. They are off business lease pc's so I got them at a huge discount.

I have used an adapter in regular Dell pc's before to upgrade the psu and that has worked great, they make 24pin to 8 pin Dell mb connectors. The only thing is they have to stay in the original case because of the way the power on/off, the sound and the restart buttons are wired into the mb they use a plug not individual wires and I've never found an adapter for that and I'm not running a bump switch to start the pc. The older pc cases have very poor airflow and no top fans at all so modern day gpu's don't do well in them.
2) Questions and Answers : Web site : Dear administrators, please fix the "create a team" function on your website (Message 8498)
Posted 1 Aug 2023 by mikey
The team creation form at is returning the false error message "Your reCAPTCHA response was not correct. Please try again." whenever a submission is attempted, despite the CAPTCHA challenge was solved before submission.

As far as I am aware, this problem has existed since ecigator reported it 3 years ago, back in Aug 2020. ecigator returned to open a new thread of enquiry last year (Aug 2022), only to receive the cold shoulder treatment yet again. This can be quite frustrating to anyone looking to build team credit at your project, your inaction is turning potential crunchers away.

If anyone from the administration team had stumbled upon this message, please kindly spare us a minute of your precious time and provide an update, bare minimum responses such as "it works for me/don't care/won't fix" would be sufficient and much appreciated.

If you have Boinc on a couple different pc's you can go into the Boinc folder of one that IS on the right Team and copy that into the Moo folder here, be sure you have no tasks as they will all be deleted and you need to exit Boinc to do it. I have multiple pc and keep a couple of that xml file, in Windows it is c:\program data\boinc and you will all the different project xml files that tell Boinc what account ot use and the Team you are on etc etc, anyway I have a copy of my xml files on a USB stick and whenever I setup a new pc it's the first thing I do after installing Boinc. Yes the same file works for Windows and Linux pc's but I have not tried it on a Mac yet. For instance this is mine showing the Team data:

<name>Moo! Wrapper</name>
<description>The Moo! Wrapper project</description>
<name>Your account</name>
<description>View your account information and credit totals</description>
<name>Your team</name>
<description>Info about The Final Front Ear</description>

It's next to the last line in the file and you should be able to copy one from a working project into your Moo xml file as all the Projects use a standard Team list they draw from.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : New BOINC versions 22 May 2023 (Message 8497)
Posted 1 Aug 2023 by mikey
One memory value is while computer is in use, the other for when it is not in use. I wasn’t aware you needed all accounts to have the same email. I haven’t for a long time and had no issue with it not running. I was wondering what all the [suspend] lines are referring to.

You do NOT need one email for each different Project and using a single one makes it much easier to see if there is a problem if the Project ever wants to contact you, it's also MUCH easier than trying to remember which email and password is for which Project!! And YES several people I have talked too use the same email and password for every account but that again is a personal choice. IMHO what can someone do with my account start posting stuff that gets deleted anyway until I get control of it again? It's not like someone is going to crunch using my account because then they wouldn't have credits for themselves.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : New BOINC versions 22 May 2023 (Message 8496)
Posted 1 Aug 2023 by mikey
since installing the new version, and then removing and reinstalling the older version, boinc will no longer crunch anything. Mac Intel i5. I am running the older 7.6.11 version. why ???

Because most Projects no longer support Boinc versions less than 10.0, you will need to find a newer version ie my Mac laptop is running version 7.22.2 just fine. YES I saw you said you had problems with that version but ALL Boinc versions can be found here:;O=D
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Progress? (Message 8495)
Posted 1 Aug 2023 by mikey
I have an Nvidia Quadro K600 (981MB) gpu on it and it crunches Moo just fine. I can't put a more powerful gpu in it because the PSU is too small and it's one of those case length ones that HP and Dell used. They are WAAAY too expensive to replace and there's no room for an external psu. The pc also has 2 quad core Xeon cpu's in there as well, so 16 cpu cores.
How can you not just sit a PSU on top of it for the GPU?

I use a couple of very powerful 2.6kW power supplies for all the GPUs, and a couple of 1.3kW and a 1kW. They're connected in parallel and power all the computers' GPUs. The 2.6kW ones were £12 each! Old HP Blade server supplies. 200A each at 12V. Very long and thin. 2.5 foot long, a few inches tall and a few inches wide.

My HP and Dell pc's are model Z600 and T5500 pc's I've only seen direct replacements not upgraded psu's that have more wattage in them.

Because my pc's are on wire shelves like this
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Project has no tasks available (Message 8492)
Posted 31 Jul 2023 by mikey
SIMAP was a really good project for old and obscure computing platforms as well, they had all kinds of crazy stuff. Sad that they switched over to using a private GPU farm, they obviously got an influx of cash to be able to afford that.

Someone over at PrimeGrid during one of the challenges said they can get 1 day of processing for about $8US, that's alot cheaper than I can do it. They were not talking about just a single cpu core either but I don't remember the details anymore.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Progress? (Message 8491)
Posted 30 Jul 2023 by mikey
That is the `problem` of having a room full of parts ,
every now and then they add up to "if I put that bit and that lot in that case if should work"
so long as I buy that bit from ebay . . . .
it`s a never ending story of not wanting to chuck stuff out until its dead :-)
And the amount of "dead" or "For parts only" that sell on ebay is incredible .

ROTFL!!! My garage resembles that remark!!!
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Progress? (Message 8490)
Posted 30 Jul 2023 by mikey
Doesn't Milkyway have stuff available 99% of the time?

Actually, Milkyway is best for the old AMDs or the pro cards, with a more sensible DP ratio than Nvidias. I run it on 12 Tahiti cards, 4000 GFlop SP, 1000 GFlop DP.

I guess you're running out of things to do with it. I'm surprised such an old card is still going, does it run 24/7?

I have an Nvidia Quadro K600 (981MB) gpu on it and it crunches Moo just fine. I can't put a more powerful gpu in it because the PSU is too small and it's one of those case length ones that HP and Dell used. They are WAAAY too expensive to replace and there's no room for an external psu. The pc also has 2 quad core Xeon cpu's in there as well, so 16 cpu cores.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : NVIDIA GTX1060 advice (Message 8489)
Posted 30 Jul 2023 by mikey
I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (6143MB). Is it capable of running two Moo Wrapper tasks at the same time using a core setting of 0.50 ?


My Nvidia 768mb gpu runs Moo tasks with no problem!!
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Intel GPU active - (Message 8488)
Posted 30 Jul 2023 by mikey
Is MooWrap testing Intel gpu ??
This task ran on my Intel gpu instead of my Nvidia MX350.

Did you exclude the intel gpu from getting future tasks?

BTW you've been crunching a LONG time!!! i remember you from my early days of Boinc seeing you on lots of the message forums and stats sheets.
11) Questions and Answers : Windows : Can't add tasks on BOINC 7.20.2 (Message 8487)
Posted 30 Jul 2023 by mikey
Do you use GridCoin?

I do what can I help you with? MooWrapper is not on the GridCoin Whitelist here is the current list
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Laptop insanity , gpu errors galore (Message 8441)
Posted 3 Apr 2023 by mikey
Over the last day or so , unknown to me , my old laptop gpu went mad and started killing work in 12 seconds
648 error workunits by the time I noticed its pending doom
I have stopped it now and am doing a full disk scan just in case its the disk , though a reboot may be all it needs
Has anyone seen a workunit reissued to the same computer after it got "error while computing"
there are several of them that where reissued to the same delinquent system and it mashed them the second time as well
for instance -
I know workunits can be reissued to the same system if they get lost in some way
probably a driver crash or the app got in a knot etc
and it was not overheating .

A simple reboot may indeed fix it as the error message says:
[Apr 02 19:57:11 UTC] No AMD STREAM compatible devices found
[Apr 02 19:57:11 UTC] Device ID 0 exceed number of detected devices (0), ignored
[Apr 02 19:57:11 UTC] No crunchers to start. Quitting...

It means it lost the gpu someplace
13) Questions and Answers : Wrapper and Client : Gaining time (Message 8342)
Posted 26 Apr 2022 by mikey
When I download certain projects, e.g. Moo!Wrapper, the numbers in the "Remains" column seem to be adding time rather than steadily diminishing until the project is complete. Also, it takes much longer to process. In other words, if a given project indicates that the estimated time is, say, 1:40 minutes it can take 15 hours or more to complete the process.

Is this due to something on my end?

Thanks for any helpful input.

Another problem for you could be that your pc only has 8gb of ram in it, that's what the Manufacturer thinks is plenty for everyday stuff but once you start crunching you will find things running slower especially if you use all 4 of your cpu cores when running the tasks.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Downloads Failing (Message 8245)
Posted 28 Aug 2020 by mikey
new work down loads are failing and show pending retrys. Server status page looks normal ?

Bill F

Put in your a/v program as an allowed website, back and forth data over a period of time can be inidicative of hackers so they are blocking it. It happens periodically as the a/v programs crack down on 'hacker like' stuff.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Malware detected by Malwarebytes (Message 8244)
Posted 28 Aug 2020 by mikey
Hi all,

this is happening from some days ago, I know that should be a false positive but BOINC & Malwarebytes are blocking me to upload results / download work units / update statics as follows:


-Detalles del registro-
Fecha del evento de protección: 28/8/20
Hora del evento de protección: 15:23
Archivo de registro: b02a7ee0-e931-11ea-87e1-7085c24b1407.json

-Información del software-
Versión de los componentes: 1.0.1025
Versión del paquete de actualización: 1.0.29159
Licencia: Premium


-Detalles del sitio web bloqueado-
Sitio web malicioso: 1
, D:\Program Files\BOINC\boinc.exe, Bloqueado, -1, -1, 0.0.0, ,

-Datos de sitio web-
Categoría: Troyano
Dirección IP:
Puerto: 80
Tipo: Saliente
Archivo: D:\Program Files\BOINC\boinc.exe


I've included in software exclusion the web either the program and either the directory byt the software still block the connection.

Mine did it too after running Moo FOR DAYS.. go into Malware Bytes and go to Settings and the the 'allow list' and add as a website and you will be crunching again. The problem is age old and every a/v company does this at times when we do things that mimic hackers stealing our back and forth data movement very quickly over a period of time.
16) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Creating a profile ? (Message 8206)
Posted 3 Apr 2020 by mikey
Do I have to guess that creating a profile on Moo! Wrapper is no more possible for any new cruncher ?

(33 000 credited, and counting !)

(And thanks for the few who read my message above ;-)

User n° 309156.

It doesn't matter how many credits you have, I have over 1 Billion, the 'create a profile' has never worked here.
17) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Creating a profile ? (Message 8205)
Posted 3 Apr 2020 by mikey
Hi all,

Newbie, with 3 000 points credited, I'd like to create a profile but all I've got, from a Windows or Linux running machine is :

Warning: require_once( failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/boincadm/projects/moo/html/user/create_profile.php on line 21

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '' (include_path='.:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php') in /home/boincadm/projects/moo/html/user/create_profile.php on line 21

I just tried with my notebook running Lubuntu 18.04, and there's indeed no file /home/boincadm (only /home/BOINC, as usual).

I actually run the project with a Windows 7 machine - and writing you from it.

Ho well, not a big deal, but many thanks if you've got a clue.

The folders would be on the Server NOT your home computer and I've been here, on and off, since 2011 and it's never worked.
18) Message boards : Cafe : Last person to post XXIV (Message 8018)
Posted 26 Jul 2018 by mikey
It's Summer here and hot!!!

Tomorrow we hit 36°C.

Umm yeah you can keep that stuff!!!
19) Message boards : Cafe : Last person to post XXIV (Message 8014)
Posted 23 Jul 2018 by mikey
Yup good weather for me today too...getting up near 60F, I am winning!!

Now here it's snowing. Winning!

It actually hit 70F yesterday will close to that again today, rain later this week then more seasonal temps in the 40's and 50's.

Here is nice weather today. Only -7C of frost. It is hmm....19,4F. Not bad at all. Winning!

Not bad for you but being that cold here would be a disaster!! They closed roads because they kept the trees too close to them and the
Sun didn't warm them up so they stayed icy and slippery. Environmentalists won when they built the roads, but they are losing now as plans
are already being made to move the trees back. They don't enough trucks to clear or sand the roads so they left them alone and it was really bad!!

Icy and slippery roads. Dont drive too fast and you need winter tires. This is theory but the truth is that the winter surprise driver every vinter - in Finland.
What about trucks to clear and sand roads: Here we try to get bigger roads first clean from snow and then smaller roads. Nevertheless the roads are sometimes slippery and cars get stuck.

It's Summer here and hot!!!
20) Message boards : News : BOINC Scheduler changes for multiple app version case (Message 7986)
Posted 3 May 2018 by mikey
Same problem here. I have Norton and it's spitting out a message that one of the downloaded files for the new version is a virus.


I don't know if this is a false positive or not by Symantec.

Set Norton to ignore the Boinc directories, any 'false positive' will be ignored and any real virus that tries to get out of the Boinc directories will be caught. 'False positives' are a problem for Boinc due to the way some projects send and receive data fairly often, mimicking a virus collecting data.

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