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Posted 3 May 2018 by CJ Xuereb
I have a host with two GTX1080s in and up until a few hours ago they were both crunching the same " Client v1.03 (cuda31) windows_intelx86" tasks quite happily.

Now I'm only getting " Client v1.04 (opencl_nvidia_101) windows_intelx86" tasks which all fail after about 20 seconds with "computation error"

The project attempts to run one task per GPU but GPU-Z shows no load and no power used.

It may have something to do with the message "[May 02 03:32:57 UTC] Automatic processor type detection did not recognize the processor (tag: "Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 ")" in the stderr file.

No changes at my end, another hosts with the same GPUs is also getting the opencl tasks and running them although they are claiming to need over six hours (and increasing) to finish!

I don't use an app_config.

For at least those people who use Norton Antivirus (as I do), Norton is treating the file as having a virus, blocks it and this results in a computation error when the task is run.

Filename: dnetc520-win32-x86-opencl.exe
Threat name: Heur.AdvML.CFull Path: d:\programdata\boinc\projects\\dnetc520-win32-x86-opencl.exe

On computers as of 
03/05/2018 at 09:20:11

Last Used 
03/05/2018 at 09:20:11

Startup Item 


Threat type: Heuristic Virus. Detection of a threat based on malware heuristics.


dnetc520-win32-x86-opencl.exe Threat name: Heur.AdvML.C

Few Users
Hundreds of users in the Norton Community have used this file.

This file was released 5 years 2 months ago.

This file risk is high.

Downloaded File from
Source: External Media


File Actions

File: d:\programdata\boinc\projects\\ dnetc520-win32-x86-opencl.exe Blocked

File Thumbprint - SHA:
Not available
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