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1) Questions and Answers : Web site : Errors with new clients 6.13.3 and later (Message 1023)
Posted 11 Sep 2011 by Krunchin-Keith [USA]
A solution for this problem has been found:

David Anderson wrote:
There are (at least) two issues with 6.13.3:

1) For GPU apps, it passes an additional command-line argument that causes some apps to fail (usually by exiting immediately). This will be fixed in 6.13.4.

2) 6.13.3 handles file upload certificates (a mechanism that prevents DoS attacks on upload servers) differently than previous versions.
This change was necessary to make scheduler requests and replies readable by standard XML parsers. But it means that file uploads will fail to projects that a) use upload certificates, and b) aren't running current server code.

I sent email to boinc_projects describing this change, and recommending that projects disable upload certificates until they're able to upgrade their server code. Not all project admins read boinc_projects, so it may be necessary to contact them via their message boards or email, and I urge Alpha-testers to do so.

-- David

David Anderson, boinc_projects email list wrote:

"Upload certificates" are a mechanism that keeps bad guys from DoS'ing your upload servers (note: such an attack has never happened, as far as I know).

We're changing the format of upload certificates, and we're starting to test a version of the client for which old-format certificates won't work. Volunteers testers won't be able to upload completed jobs, and they may complain to you.

I suggest that all projects disable upload certificates. To do so, add the following to your config.xml file:


To resume using upload certificates, if you wish:

1) upgrade to the current server source code (from trunk)
2) wait for all jobs with old-format certificates to be dispatched
3) re-enable certificates by removing the above lines.

Let me know if any questions.

-- David
2) Message boards : Cafe : The 1st Cafe Thread, Welcome to All (Message 254)
Posted 12 May 2011 by Krunchin-Keith [USA]
I'm here. I've got 6 new gpu cards to use, although they are under a heavy load from other gpu projects, gotta share.

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