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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Ridiculously long crunch times.. (Message 4341)
Posted 29 Dec 2012 by veebee
For the most part, I dont have any problems, but on one of my i7-920's I get "regular" WU's that take hours.."mpostly" around 4-5 hours, but have had some go for as long as 12 - 13 hrs, (normally I just abort any that I catch taking so long).

the last one reported today was 47,000 odd it appears about two pages back on this machine, and from there "back" in the "valid WU" pages, there is about one long one per page.

anyone else having these happening?

just noticed that I have got three different driver versions for the three machines which have ATI cards (this machine does have the newer of them all), I suppose I should check with that first ??

Will download it and see, but any advice in the meantime would be appreciated.

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Utilization of HD6950 GPU (Message 2560)
Posted 7 Feb 2012 by veebee
In this machine (i7-920) I initially had 2 x 4770's, and was getting great runtimes for Moo! WU's, especially compared to the other i7-920, which has 2 x 5850's ... that annoyed me terribly.

I have since bought a 6950 and had it with 1 x 4770 in this machine and Moo WU's are taking around the 45 + minute mark, whereas the machine with the 5850's has dropped the WU finish time down to around 18 minutes - which is great !>

So, I have removed the 4770 and am STILL getting the 45 - 48 minute runtimes per WU, which just does not sound good enough to me fo thi scard.

Am righ tnow, downloading ATI 12.1 to see if that helps.
Will also try later in switching back over to 2 x 4770's (I have 3 actually, and 3 x PCIe slots.. (try 3 ???)

For gaming etc, the 6950 is OK, but I didn't buy it for that... I bought it for BOINCing and sadly, am pretty disappointed in it's performance so far - though I am sure there is something I can do to improve it's times.

Have also just run benchmarks and set it to the "optimal" core.. will see what each ste does..

but in the interim, anyne else with a single 6950.. do you have your average runtime please ??

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Which GPU is Better (Message 1480)
Posted 23 Nov 2011 by veebee
I have tried with #3 and then I have an average of 4,5 minutes per unit and a total time of 50 to 55 minutes with 12 units. So I stick to core #3 which is a bit slower but more reliable.



I have 2 x i7-920's... one HAD 2 x 4770's and the other 2 x 5850's.

The 4770s outperformed the 5850's amazingly, much to my annoyance, especially when even after I tested which core etc, the results were the same.

I have now put 1 x 6950 in place of the 2 x 4770's but I still dont get any of these amazing times as posted above ^^^

4.5 minutes ??!!??!! - Mine are taking 31 to 33 minutes on the 6950 !!! and the times are equally as bad on the 5850's (even though I have read of others doing them in fantastic times on the same cards...

Any help in rectifying this would be greatly appreciated... maybe (well, definitely) even get me to stay at Moo permanently !

Thanks in advance,

4) Message boards : Number crunching : Huge WUs crunching time on an HD5850 (Message 1400)
Posted 12 Nov 2011 by veebee

One thing dual cards do is wait for the 1st card to finish before both cards get the next unit, so if one card is slower than the other that could be what you are seeing. This happens when both cards work on the same unit, as they do here.

Thanks Mikey - could well be the problem, but:

I had dual 4770's and they ran WU's at around the 2000 second mark, one having higher available clock speeds etc (but I DID have them set via MSI afterburner to be at same settings etc)

I will try afterburner on the other i7 and see if having "second card" set to mirror values of First card helps,
then I suppose, all I can do is try running one only 5850.

problem is that John Clarks post (# 1321) states WU processing time dropping CRAZILY when running a dual 5970 (someone elses machine).

Will try the above as I have done all other adjustments re: core selection, processor usage etc.

fingers crossed !!
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Huge WUs crunching time on an HD5850 (Message 1316)
Posted 2 Nov 2011 by veebee
G'day all,

I am having the same problems - my dual (not in crossfire setup) in that when I first hooked this machine up, WU's were actually taking around 7500 seconds or so.

After changing the core to 3, the actual run time is down to around 4200 seconds, BUT, it is reporting times of 7900 - 8000 seconds !!!!

I have another i7-920 with dual 4770's in it and they do a WU in average of 3700 seconds, and report the correct times.

I will try the change of processor usage priority as advised and see if that helps, but why on earth is it reporting such crazy time differences to what the actual crunch time was ???

All help greatly appreciated,


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