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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Using All Nvidia GPUs - BOINC Exclusions are Ignored (Message 7511)
Posted 30 Nov 2016 by hsdecalc
same problem here. Two cards #0 and #1.
At first I got tasks with "..(0.2 CPUs + 2 NVIDIA GPU)"
I try to exclude #1.
This doesn't help. Next I add:


Restart Boinc, but still no tasks starts, because there is only one available for the project and WUs with two GPUs in the queue.
I abort all tasks, reload new tasks, same problem.
I restart Boinc, nothing change.
So I reset the project, restart the PC and now I got new tasks for only one GPU.

But now I can't use GPU #1 for other projects. It works only with:

To solve the problem you must:
- reset the project in BOINC and
- reboot the PC. Only restarting BOINC doesn't work.

Another problem:
At first Moowrap needs additional two full cores, not 0.2 CPUs.
Some days later, after some changes, the WU needs now one full CPU, but the GPU is only running 20 minutes and 60 minutes only with CPU.
It‘s very confusion.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Wrong workload with cuda31.exe, used 2 cpu instead of 0.2 cpu (Message 7508)
Posted 27 Nov 2016 by hsdecalc
I compute WUs on WIN10 with CPU i7-5820k and two NVIDIA GPUs.
I excluded one GPU for the project in cc_config.xml.
The WU should use 0.2 CPUs + 1 NVIDIA GPU.
But it runs with 2 CPUs + GPU.

Program: dnetc518-win32-x86-cuda31.exe


Why does the job use two full CPUs (16% usage)?

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