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1) Questions and Answers : Android : Issues with Android 11 (Message 8272)
Posted 15 Jan 2021 by Profile [AF>Libristes] Kao
I recently tried to compute some Moo on my Android 11 device and discovered that all tasks were failing.
I think I also had the same issues with Android 9.
Here is an example of errored task:
So my questions are the following:
Should we just give up the idea of having moo!wrapper working again on most recent versions of Android?
Do you know what is leading to this issue?
Do you need help to solve this? If yes what can we do?
Or, as I saw a lot of topics about this here, that are locked, with no answers, should we just stop asking you anything about Android?

I do hope to receive answers.

Whatsoever, thanks for your time and your work. We can still compute on computers so Android broken is not a disaster but I'd just like to know if we can hope to have it working again on Android one day.
But yes, once again, thanks for your time.


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