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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : issue with Nvidia 8800 gs (Message 389)
Posted 19 May 2011 by DskRbt
the nvidia 8800gs has 384 meg ram but i think that the moo wrapper and boinc are looking at avaiable ram. dont know if its a bug or a feature, but its annoying.

simon-PC Moo! Wrapper 19/05/2011 9:45:41 PM Message from server: A minimum of 384 MB (preferably 384 MB) of video RAM is needed to process tasks using your computer's NVIDIA GPU

simon-PC 19/05/2011 3:37:45 PM NVIDIA GPU 0: GeForce 8800 GS (driver version 27061, CUDA version 4000, compute capability 1.1, 341MB, 336 GFLOPS peak)

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