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1) Message boards : Number crunching : please allow us to choose cuda or opencl in settings (Message 8321)
Posted 27 Dec 2021 by Fardringle
I would really like to have this option as well.

The (opencl_nvidia_101) tasks run a LOT faster than any of the (cuda31/40/60/70) tasks do on all of my GPUs, so it would be very nice to be able to tell the project to only give OpenCL tasks to my computers! Especially since they seem to get several days worth of the CUDA tasks before finally switching over to OpenCL.
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Extremely long run times on GTX 1060 (Message 8284)
Posted 15 Mar 2021 by Fardringle
It has been running normally since I reset the project, so the GTX 1060 was probably just having trouble with that batch of tasks.
3) Questions and Answers : Windows : Extremely long run times on GTX 1060 (Message 8283)
Posted 13 Mar 2021 by Fardringle
Starting about March 8th, I've been seeing extremely long run times on my GTX 1060. Previously, tasks were taking an average of about 40 minutes to complete. Since then, one task completed successfully after 14.25 hours and I have aborted two others after 21.6 and 40.9 hours of run time, when I had a chance to check on the computer and noticed that the tasks were not completing properly.

I don't see any other reports of problems, so it might just be me, but it's definitely strange. I reset the project to clear out all of the tasks from that batch in hopes that new tasks will run properly. It seems to be OK so far. I'll report back with the results later, when it has had time to run (and hopefully complete) several tasks.

This is the computer in question:

And these are the three tasks that I mentioned:

In anticipation of a possible question, the computer does have two GPUs in it. The R9 280X is also running Moo! with no problems, in a separate BOINC instance here:

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