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1) Message boards : Number crunching : 7970s Dont Run (Message 4695)
Posted 25 Mar 2013 by Cruncher Pete
LLVM ERROR: Cannot select: 0x440ce78: i8 = setcc 0x440aef0, 0x440ac48, 0x440cd68 [ID=34]
Seems that the wrapper cannot find gpu though boinc find it.

Actually, it's not the wrapper but the Client that's failing for some reason. Looks like it can't compile the OpenCL Kernel so it can be a ATI driver problem (like the client doesn't support that exact version or there's a bug in driver or the client). If that still happens with latest beta client (and especially if you can reproduce it outside BOINC) you could file a bug at upstream for their devs to take a look (there might be a bug there open for such a thing).

However, the wrapper does need some changes to know about OpenCL client types and that's where I've currently stalled due to simply failing to find any time/energy/something in addition to my daily job (and fixing some fires like DB crashing). :(


I am sorry Teemu, but I do not buy this. The problem with HD7970 not running on your project has existed now for over twelve months. I do not believe that somebody could not have asked other projects what to be done, since yours is the only one that do not run this GPU. As a volunteer that spent a lot of money on HD7970, I am disappointed, and please do not blame it on ATI or AMD as all other projects runs it quite fine......

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