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1) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Email Adresses visible to everyone! (Message 75)
Posted 3 May 2011 by Profile aendgraend

I've just searched for my Results and found something in the below Stderr-Output that makes me at least wondering:

Stderr output

18:28:35 (4664): wrapper: starting
18:28:35 (4664): wrapper: running dnetc518-win32-x86-stream.exe (-ini dnetc.ini -runoffline -multiok=1 -e

dnetc v2.9109-518-CTR-10092921 for ATI Stream on Win32 (WindowsNT 6.1).
Using email address ( ID) ''

I've searched for other Users and found that if you don't hide your Computers then everyone can view your results and see the Mailaddress that is linked with your Account.

I'm quite confident that no one wants that, thus I'm asking if either the Computer(s) of all Users can be hidden by Default, or - perferrably - the Mailaddresses can be removed from the Stderr-Output.

Edit: I've searched a bit more and have to admit, ok, at least we've been warned that if we enter the we could probably expose our Mailaddresses to the public Interest and they could probably get harvest by Spammers.
Now it's ok for me, as a Users Computer is visible to the public on one Hand but on the other Hand by default the Mailaddress isn't included. That serves my Concept of Security!


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