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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : 6990? (Message 355)
Posted 17 May 2011 by Ross*
im running my 5970 without issue.
(see if you're curious)
However, i've issues with 2x6950.
I've to look for the check interval bug, cause somtime that machine (cross-fire enabled) hangs on a unit for quite a long time, instead of aborting and continue with the next one.

Hopefully, the new algo for the check interval will fix this.

im building a new machine too.
I'll opt for 3x6950.

What did you have in mind for the motherboard?

Trying my 5970 again. I though it may be that it did not have enough power.
I note your box 690 ? running the 5000 series card is taking 4000 secs run time. is this the 5970?
My 6970s are doing the job in 800>1000secs run time on the detail BUT in reality 7>9 mins. seems the program is counting twice. With only 1 GPU the run time is about right.
The program also ticks all the boxes for CPU affinty. Have tried only 2 going and it does not effect performace. I would have to run app-info file to make it do it all the time.
I STILL FINE MY 6970S WILL NOT GO UNLESS THEY ARE CROSSFIRED. I am still getting good performance, around 500> 550k per day.
when Gigabyte come out with new 6970s with 3 fans I may try 4 of those in me Gigabyte ud-9
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : 6990? (Message 352)
Posted 17 May 2011 by Ross*
Since I sold off most of my 5850 & 5870 ATI Cards I'm looking to replace a few of them now with possibly 6990's. Is anybody running any 6990's here & what kind of run times are you getting ... Thanks

Hi Steve
You would be better off with 2 6970s. They would clock higher than a 6990.
Interesting that the news item about disabling crossfire, my 6970s will not run without crossfire enabled.
I could not get 5970s to go at all.
The best ATI 6970s are the ones with big fans [the asus type users 3 slots ] but the new Gigabyte ones may be slimmer like the 580s
3) Questions and Answers : Windows : Long run times (Message 340)
Posted 16 May 2011 by Ross*
I can confirm that Win7 or Vista 64 with dual 6970s works fine. Average run time is 7>8 mins. CPU time is the same as run time but I am not running any CPU task at the same time.usally takes 2 cores on a 980 6 core.
Both sets of ATI 6970s run at 920-1425 by default about 65C

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