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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Non-GPU Computation Errors (Message 2928)
Posted 20 Mar 2012 by Profile Crunch3r
I probably should have mentioned that the machine in question is running the 64-bit version of Ubuntu Linux, in case that matters.

One of you machines is complaining about a missing file:

process exited with code 22 (0x16, -234)
execv: No such file or directory


So a simple reset of the project or better detach and reattach to the project will fix it.
2) Message boards : News : Happy Holidays! (Message 1916)
Posted 25 Dec 2011 by Profile Crunch3r
Happy holidays to everyone. But im contrast to my predecessors I dislike Santa Teemus present.
IMHO it's an unfair advantage to increase the already high credits per wu for this project. The -restricted- comparatibility between projects suffers :( That's not a good present - even though my personal credits roughly doubled the last days. The credit whores already get very good credits from this project without tampering.

I think it's VERY offensive to call all of us participating here "Credit whores"... I do believe that you're not aware what that term means in the first place and give you the benefit of the doubt here...

You should really try using an on line translator or something the like to get the meaning of that phrase, before using it...

Otherwise, things might get quite ugly here, quite fast....!
3) Message boards : Number crunching : (2) 5870's (Message 1682)
Posted 11 Dec 2011 by Profile Crunch3r
I see that your computer has 2 GB of main memory.

Actually I have 4 1gb sticks installed.

At 8:28:08 on 12/8/2011 it says "Memory: 2.62 GB physical"

This means Boinc is not seeing all of your 4 gig of memory, some could be bad or not seated all the way or something.

Oh and you asked "How do I dedicate 1 core to the GPU? Currently I'm not crunching and cpu projects, only GPU." Answer is you can't in Boinc except on a unit by unit basis and then only when the unit initially starts. When it finishes and another new one starts you are back to random again. If you babysit the pc you can catch each unit as it starts and assign it to a core thru the Task Manager but this isn't practical! There IS a program that the user says will do this for you automatically, I will look for his message.

Thanks Mike, I'll check the seating of the sticks.

If you look at my last thread, at the bottom, is a Vista pic where Vista see's the 4gb.

Curious, why would Vista see it but not BOINC.


No need to check the seating of you RAM... You're running a 32 bit Vista OS that can't handle 4GB... you need to get a 64 bit OS to 'fix' that.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : dnetc518-win32-x86-stream.exe (Message 1594)
Posted 2 Dec 2011 by Profile Crunch3r
There is a long standing bug in OpenCL applications that affects dual GPUs (either on one card or two single GPU cards). The bug grabs a complete CPU Core for each GPU running. There is nothing the Project can do about it - has to be fixed at the OpenCL/AMD/NVidia side of life.

That one has nothing todo with Philadelphias problem nor with the dnetc client(which was coded using ATI CAL/STREAM NOT openCL).

That one -> dnetc518-win32-x86-stream.exe is the CPU app and of course it'll utilize the CPU at 100%.

@Philadelphia, just make sure to disable receiving CPU tasks in your account settings and that will solve the issue.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Donations (Message 1267)
Posted 27 Oct 2011 by Profile Crunch3r
Well.. i donated ~ 25$(or € i don't remember...) a few weeks ago. Hope that'll help a bit to keep the project running since the DNETC@Home Admin got "bored" of his project... ;)

Anyway, keep up the good work Teemu and your support/replies to posts are appreciated!
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Experimental ATI GPU Setup 5870 + 4850 (Message 1266)
Posted 27 Oct 2011 by Profile Crunch3r
As the title says... I've got a host that has a 5870 in it and it performs quite well.

My question is, if anyone is running a mixed setup using a 58x0 and a 48x0 card in the same host and if that setup slows down crunching (that's what i expect compared to running a 58x0 card in single mode) or is worth running.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : High CPU usage on Win GPU app (Message 1123)
Posted 1 Oct 2011 by Profile Crunch3r
I tried everything I can think of but with no effect
The DNETC app is still running at between 12 - 25% CPU
This is 2 cores on an i7 !

Teemu please help

The Dnetc project is not doing this & is running @ max 2%

Update to catalyst 11.9... that one fixed the high cpu load issue for me.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Huge WUs crunching time on an HD5850 (Message 1122)
Posted 1 Oct 2011 by Profile Crunch3r
I found with Win 32 bit anything over CAL 11.5 runs at a very high CPU (25%) where it should run at only 2%

AMD Catalyst 11.9 drivers have a fix for the high cpu usage.
I'm using the 11.9RCx myself on bunch of rigs since a few weeks and everything works fine(cpu load == 0%)

Download ->
9) Message boards : Wish list : reduce duration cuda (Message 129)
Posted 6 May 2011 by Profile Crunch3r
I tried and I got this message:

05/06/2011 2:18:15 p.m. | Moo! Wrapper | [error] File-job-cuda31 1.00.xml has wrong size: expected 229, Got 235

<command_line>-ini dnetc.ini -runoffline -multiok=1 -c 10</command_line>

simply add <dont_check_file_sizes>1</dont_check_file_sizes> to a cc_config.xml and the client will ignore wrong file sizes.
10) Message boards : Wish list : Server status on homepage please (Message 110)
Posted 5 May 2011 by Profile Crunch3r
As per title.

+1 and please switch the websites css style to "white.css"... the orange is pain to watch and hurts my eyes.

11) Questions and Answers : Windows : Widely Varying Credits (Message 77)
Posted 3 May 2011 by Profile Crunch3r
I have to ask - what is going on with the widely varying credits? If I remember DNETC correctly, all WUs were roughly the same size and got roughly the same number of credits.

Here are my first two CUDA WUs done on a 570 @850/1700:

15189 13011 22 3 May 2011 | 14:02:30 UTC 3 May 2011 | 20:51:22 UTC Completed and validated 2,494.26 2,445.11 8,659.79 Client v1.00 (cuda31)
15127 12952 22 3 May 2011 | 14:02:30 UTC 3 May 2011 | 21:36:18 UTC Completed and validated 2,694.34 2,667.38 725.93 Client v1.00 (cuda31)

I know others are having similar problems on ATI cards, as evidenced in this thread:

Can anything be done to address this?

Getting rid of the "new boinc credit system" most likely will do the trick. It needs to be removed server side and backport the 'old' one from a earlier boinc server code.

You can thank DA for that...

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