#10719 'unspecified driver error (cudaStreamCreate)

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Message 8179 - Posted: 4 Oct 2019, 7:45:37 UTC

New to regularly crunching here.
I have a machine with an RTX 2060 getting mostly valid WUs. However I keep getting this error popping up for, so far, 8 tasks.
[Oct 04 02:13:26 UTC] RC5 CUDA ERROR [0]: #10719 'unspecified driver error' (cudaStreamCreate)
This persists no matter the driver I use.
Is this just these cards having issues with projects and this can be ignored?
The frustrating thing with this is the task runs for the duration of most other tasks that do not have errors.
E.g. a task with an error:
and a task that is fine:
The computer in question:

Can these invalids be ignored? Do these times look right for this card? I'm completely new to this - especially the preferences with various options, and so I have just left everything at their default settings as far as different cores, etc. I'm not running this on the CPU.
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Message boards : Number crunching : #10719 'unspecified driver error (cudaStreamCreate)

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