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Message 3018 - Posted: 7 Apr 2012, 12:53:09 UTC - in response to Message 3016.  
Last modified: 7 Apr 2012, 13:03:31 UTC

Have you tried Prime/M@H? Changing your cc_ of course.

No I have not, I have plenty of credits at Prime right now but not enough at Poem, I have some goals that I am working on.

But I might try that today, maybe it IS the combination of projects not the cc_config file! Maybe it is just Moo that is the problem!!

Could it be(not like you have not thought of this your self) your BM? Did you put the right Poem tag?(<url></url>)
Could you try and switch http tags around?
Please keep me/us informed..Very interesting I think.

I switched the gpu's not the projects around yesterday and it made no difference, Moo just will NOT run and Poem uses BOTH gpu's!! There is a brand new Boinc version, 7.0.25, out today, as soon as I can find it I will upgrade to it. Supposedly it may become the next 'release' version.

I now see the difference in your Poem web address and mine, I will try that too!

NO changes, Moo will NOT run!!! I have aborted all Moo units and am now running 2 Poem gpu units at the same time on 2 different 5870 gpu's! I may up that to 4 units if they will fit into memory in a couple of days!
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