Sapphire 6970 Poor gpu usage.

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HV Margus*

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Message 2132 - Posted: 7 Jan 2012, 16:05:53 UTC
Last modified: 7 Jan 2012, 16:06:08 UTC

First it started sometime when with site had server code update or something.
Same card produce poor gpu usage on windows 7 and Linux.
There is no way to get it back to normal. Reinstall driver not help even os reinstalls.
Milkyway@home is good always gpu usage is 99
Card dosent seems dead yet all is good.
Log file of gpu usage
[url] Sensor Log.txt[/url]
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Profile Zydor

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Message 2134 - Posted: 7 Jan 2012, 17:00:47 UTC
Last modified: 7 Jan 2012, 17:07:56 UTC

Moo is usually good on utilisation circa 96-99 depending on what else is going on with the machine.

However at present we are going through a large batch of fragmented WUs sent down by DNet Upstream. It means that the Stat Units inside the WU are grouped in larger numbers with fewer stat units per group. This has the effect of not fully utilising all cores all the time, and lower the gpu clocks a tad to account for the wide variation in loading and Stat Unit numbers.

The resultant slow down from the norm is around 15%, so Teemu has added 15% credits to each WU as compensation whilst we get through them - which will be a while yet.

So you will see wild swings in utilisation, and an overall slow down from moo norms, but the credits are compensated accordingly. Just look carefully at temperatures, you may have to reduce the gpu clocks slightly so that it copes with mega fragmentation, as well as the few normal WUs flowing through.

Or to put it another way, configure your GPU to run the best it can against a normal WU, that way it copes, albeit slower, with a fragmented one. If you force high utilisation on fragmented ones, and a normal one comes along you will likely overheat the gpu crunching the normal one - hence size everything for big fragmentation at slower clocks. The 15% increase in credits for fragmentation compensates.

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Message boards : Number crunching : Sapphire 6970 Poor gpu usage.

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