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Message boards : News : Outbound mail is delayed

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Teemu Mannermaa
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Message 12 - Posted: 2 May 2011, 8:58:58 UTC


Looks like BOINC server software went a little crazy with sending emails so the server hit it's outbound email limit for today. There are 406 mails waiting to be sent. Limit should get reset any minute now (or it'll take another 24 hours) and at least the queued mail should get sent then.

My guess is that this flurry is from initial global team import and other notifications from users registering on the project and on forum.

I hope mail volume gets a little easier once first days pass by and things get rolling. If not, I'll need to do something about that limit. For now, let's wait patiently as queues catch up. Thanks! :)


BTW, inbound mail for the project addresses (mentioned throughout the site) is most likely bouncing at the moment. I'll need to setup those soon but let's use this forum for communication for now.

Message boards : News : Outbound mail is delayed

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