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Message 59 - Posted: 3 May 2011, 8:13:55 UTC


Project now enforces following ATI/nVidia requirements. Most notable change is that CC 2.0 and above are no longer rejected for CUDA. This means devices like GTX 465 are now offered the CUDA application. We'll see how things works for them.

There's also better logging (for me) and also a generic notification to new BOINC Clients when these requirements are not met.

ATI Stream requirements:

  • BOINC Client v6.10.17
  • Driver v10.4 or later
  • Minimum device memory 250M
  • ATI Runtime (not older AMD)

nVidia CUDA requirements:

  • BOINC Client v6.4.5
  • Driver v256.00 or later (recommendation is at least v257.21, which is latest for this family of drivers)
  • Minimum device memory 384M
  • CUDA Runtime v3.1 or above
  • Compute Capability 1.0 or higher (basically all CUDA capable cards)

I probably should find a place on the website to list these requirements. They might change as we get more information about what are really required.


Message boards : News : ATI/nVidia requirements

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