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Skywalker TSBT ("The Mad Hatter of Crunching!! The Force is strong with this one!! Go TSBT!!")
Buster Gunn ("68 year old, retired for over 20 years Been BOINCing on an off for over 10 years I love...")
CrossFireX95 ("US Navy")
Shandia ("Hi! I''m Shandia. I'm a computer tech, member of SETI.USA and avid cruncher.")
Johnny L. Williams ("FROM: Fort Myers Florida IT/Fleet Tech")
Tuna Ertemalp ("Born in Germany (Öhringen), raised in Turkey (Istanbul), all grown up in USA...")
robbysites ("I am a 52 year old Florida native. Enjoy the beach. my hobbies are crunching/folding for...")
edmoran ("Retired Engineer living in the Pacific Northwest US")
Ron Shurtz [BlackOps] ("Born in 1954, I'm a Structural Engineer with a background in highway bridge design and...")
scushing ("Wife of that other guy with the same last name")

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