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Bif74 [Lombardia] ("Hi to all! I'm Marco, 37 yo. I like sci-fi also read books. I'm a member of BOINC.Italy.")
Diego Aliprandi [Lombardia] ("Hi, my name is Diego Aliprandi, I am an Electronic Engeneer involved in the machine vision...")
Daniele [lombardia] ("Hi. My name is Daniele, born in 1969. I'm from a small town Ceriano Laghetto, near to...")
marianob [Marche] ("Mi chiamo Mariano e sono italiano. My name is Mariano and I'm italian.")
@@$tars_Finder@@ ("Hi :-). I'm Italian and crunching on many boinc projects to help scientific research.")
[PUGLIA] Riccardo ("I'm from Lecce (Salento peninsula in Puglia, south-east of Italy) and born in 1969. I've...")
[VENETO] eCarbon
PinkPenguin (""A wise man wants for only nourishing cabbage soup; seek not other things. Except perhaps a...")
Rino [Sicily] ("Hi, my name is Rino and I started crunching more then 10 yeays ago. I have 5 commercial...")
[TNAA] MatteoQ ("Ahoy! I born in 1983 in Trento, North Italy, where I actually live, and I started to use a...")

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