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scott safford* ("49 year old construction worker with a bad computer habit.")
[AF>EDLS] frederic abussan
[AF>Libristes] nico8313 (" I participate in grid computing to help science :-) !!! L'Alliance...")
Mad Matt ("Having a good Moo in the morning can make your day.")
Christopher Herr ("Hi everyone, i am a 30+ year old guy living near Stuttgart, Germany. Hopefully my studies...")
RTMoney ("I started to crunch BOINC after learning that a Bitcoin like blockchain could be secured...")
Skook [Gridcoin] ("Avid Wow player, Gridcoin cruncher and SF Fan")
[AF>Amis des Lapins] Oncle Bob ("Rejoignez l'Alliance Francophone. ")
rslinford ("Software Engineer, SF Bay Area, hiking and naps these days.")

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