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Teemu Mannermaa
The Dreamer ("I am a single Electrical/Computer Engineer currently in Manhattan, Kansas, where I work for...")
TRuEQ & TuVaLu ("Välkommen Till Running MooWrapper(Since 2011) I have dedicated some time...")
trigggl ("AKA -- trigggl of SETI.USA Mega Milestoners I'm a survivor of a brain tumor since '04,...")
Terminator ("Hallo,mein nick ist Terminator und ich bin im Team SETI.Germany.Meine Hobbys sind Computer...")
Tomasz R. Gwiazda ("Hello I'm Thomas from Boinc@Poland Team Join us at My current...")
Taiwanese Taipei (" 歡迎大家加入BOINC@Taiwan台灣團隊 Moo!...")
The Old Sourdough ("Hi. I'm a 67 year old guy, who was raised in Alaska, and now lives in Indiana. I'm...")
tocx ("Member of SETI.Germany")
thebestjaspreet ("A successful mechanical engineer from India.Presently on medication due to some severe...")

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