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sdl* ("Survived twenty years of military duty working with Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment...")
STMahlberg ("I've been a member of SETI.USA since 2010. We're an International Team of individuals that...")
Sanghoon Yeom ("Hello! I'm a graduate student from Korea, South. Good luck~! Member of SETIKAH@KOREA")
SM6GXQ Peter Lindquist ("My hobbies are: * Space * Physics and other science * Computers * Gardening * Ham...")
Stealth Eagle* (" I have been running DC for over 11 years, starting with SETI@Home, and adding projects...")
sino* ("")
Stauffer Yvan ("Team Musketeers: Un pour tous, tous pour un! Crunching with passion to help other")
SKB@P ("Superkomputer BOINC@Poland - wspólna akcja pierwszej polskiej Drużyny...")
Sun Badger* ("About SunBadger* Biography 6"3" (183cm) 200lbs (91) was at 270lb (126). Blue eye, .BS...")
snopper ("I also crunch in other projects: ")

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