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RealSanta ("member of SETI.Germany The SantaBoostus")
RushPill* ("Generally I am a Lord... But today I do not work... Is too much affairs for Guardian...")
Radegast ("")
Raubhautz* ("I'm a computer hobbyist who has been tinkering with computers since a ROP program in high...")
ruidocarmo ("I'm a Portuguese Mathematician member of the team Portugal@Home! ")
Rino [Sicily] ("Hi, my name is Rino and I started crunching more then 10 yeays ago. I have 5 commercial...")
RTMoney ("I started to crunch BOINC after learning that a Bitcoin like blockchain could be secured...")
robbysites ("I am a 52 year old Florida native. Enjoy the beach. my hobbies are crunching/folding for...")
Ron Shurtz [BlackOps] ("Born in 1954, I'm a Structural Engineer with a background in highway bridge design and...")

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