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Konata Izumi ("I was Grate Saiyaman a couple times before, but I started to think it might be a little...")
krahulik ("The Member of the Czech National Team ... ")
KPX ("Greetings from Prague!")
KWSN-Sir Papa Smurph ("I am a member of "The Knights Who Say NI!" I joined this Project because I am a Credit...")
koll ("Czechoslovak 1963 Mi, Computer, BOINC, Geocaching, Photo, Bicycle, Breadbaker, ...")
KWH* ("Occupation depends on the day of the week. Machinist, PC Tech are but a few. Hobbies are...")
Karelvovsik ("Hi! My name is Karel.I living and working on Southwest Czech Republic. I am interested in...")
KaptainKarl1[SETI.USA] ("I am 40 years old and work as a Captain on Private Yachts. I love anything to do with the...")
krzyszp ("Hi, I'm a member of biggest Polish Team - BOINC@Poland I'm also Radioactive@Home...")

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