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Euphoriabuzz ("An English girl living in beautiful Wales. I crunch for fun and to help research into...")
eXplorer776 ("Hi, ich bin Jens aus Gera -Germany und `76 geboren. Ich habe 2 Kinder die mich in Bewegung...")
eclipse99 (" "The Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42"")
egorio ("Hi! My name is Egor :) I`m a cruncher from young country with long history - Ukraine. Have...")
EDU Enthusiasts of Digital Universe ("EDU I do not hold nationalistic bios except that of polish heritage. age: X I am not...")
edmoran ("Retired Engineer living in the Pacific Northwest US")
eLPeCKo ("I am young technology fan and I decided to donate some money for electricity and compute...") ("bitcoin trader")
EVGA DC Captains ("A Fellowship of All Walks of Life Looking to Improve Our Communities' Future One Byte at a...")

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