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Boogyman Munster ("I am a 53 yr old retired Sailor. I am currently disabled and unable to work. I am happily...")
BUNNY ("Welcome to play BOINC together!!! If you are Taiwanese, please join BOINC@Taiwan...")
Bazooka_CZ ("old computer freak :D Upload: 60Mbps * Download: 60Mbps * Since 2009 on platform...")
BIG DAVE* ("I love to workout and lift big weights. I'm particularly interested in philosophy and...")
Bernt J ("See the profile of Bernt")
Bill-af ("Salut ! Je suis Bill-af, j'ai 25 ans. Dans la vie, je suis informaticien, et j'aide...")
bro_david* ("U. S. Army transplant from Pennsylvania to Louisiana many years ago. B. A degree from...")
Buster Gunn ("68 year old, retired for over 20 years Been BOINCing on an off for over 10 years I love...")
Biosphere ("CNT / Ceske Budejovice [1978]")

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